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Gravesend – Minibus Hire with Driver 

A minibus hire with driver is the best way to visit the attractions around Gravesend, indulge in a day tour to London or the Margate seaside resort, visit the nearby Epsom Downs or Lingfield Park racecourses, take a tour to the spectacular Elham downs area, attend a concert, transfer to Heathrow or other nearby airports of the region, attend trade fairs and exhibitions, and for a host of other purposes. 
A minibus hire with a skilled and experienced drivers offer various distinct advantages, compared to a minibus hire with a novice driver, or a driver, who is not qualified in all aspects.  
Our minibus hire in Gravesend offers the most comfortable minibus, such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Volvos, and Iveco coaches, with driver, who have proven their worth in skills, integrity, reliability, resourcefulness, and other areas of competence.
We make sure our drivers are skilled and experienced in the vehicles they are supposed to drive. For instance, when you avail our double decker 72 seater coach, you get a driver who has experience in driving similar heavy vehicles. A driver with any experience may have experienced handling a small 8 seater minibus, and would be at sea handling a large vehicle, putting the lives of passengers at risk. 
A driver’s mental faculty is just as important as his driving skills. A driver always needs to be mentally alert, have strong reflexes, and should have the presence of mind to reach appropriately during crunch situations. They should, for instance, be able to take the initiative and decide on taking a diversion, before the exit passes, and the minibus is trapped in a traffic jam. They should also be able to think calmly, and keep a cool mind, if emergency strikes. We recruit drivers after examining such factors, and also make sure they get adequate rest between trips. When you opt for minibus hire in Gravesend from a lesser company, the driver may be overworked, putting passengers at risk. 
Our drivers have thorough knowledge of the local area. They know the best routes to reach a destination, the local traffic regulations in place, where to find parking, and all the other nuances. The advantage is considerable time savings. An unfamiliar driver would spend time seeking directions, and may also take the wrong route, wasting the passenger’s precious time. In fact, our drivers can double up as valuable resource guides for the local area. 
We invest in our staff. We train our drivers extensively in all aspects, including customer care. As such, our drivers do everything to make your trip a pleasurable experience, but at the same time do not do anything that would compromise your safety. Our drivers and other staff are known for putting in 100 percent commitment to their tasks. 
Apart from provisioning for skilled and competent drivers, we also have in place equally efficient customer support agents, who go all out to accommodate all your special requests, and ensure all arrangements are in place for a smooth and successful trip. Our Gravesend minibus hire service is also known for offering unmatched flexibility, and making this easy for the customer.  
We offer you the best minibus, the most competent drivers, and top notch service, and very low rate. Our rates are much lower than what competitors charge, and you get maximum value for your money. It pays to opt for our Gravesend minibus hire, as hundreds of previous customers, who have left favourable testimonials on our behalf, have found out. Contact our customer support team, or fill up the online booking form, and reserve your Gravesend minibus hire with driver, today.