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8 Seater Minibus Hire

Gravesend – 8 Seater Minibus 

Hiring an 8 seater minibus beats taking your own vehicle out any day..  
When you want to move around town, with family, or in company of your close friends, you would prefer personal transportation, over public transportation options, if only for the privacy and flexibility it offers. Our minibus hire in Gravesend offers the same privacy and flexibility, with many more benefits in addition. 
We offer superior vehicles, such as Ford Transit. These vehicles come fully loaded with accessories designed to enhance the comfort and safety of travellers. Private vehicles rarely match the fully loaded features and accessories available in our vehicles.  
In your personal vehicles, you are on your own. With our Gravesend minibus hire services, you gain access to our 24 hour support, for any help or assistance required, connected to your trip. 
Our vehicles come with the services of a skilled and experienced drivers, who know all the place name and routes, and the best routes to take, depending on the time. Our drivers can double up as a local guide, if you are unfamiliar with the town. 
The services we offer are unmatched by competition, and the biggest evidence to this fact is our consistent number one ranking among minibus operators in Gravesend, and the testimonials we receive from previous customers. 
You may think that all these premium services come at premium rates. This is far from the case. We offer the lowest rates in town. Our rates are far lower than what competitors charge, and our per-head rates work out cheaper compared to the group travelling in private vehicles. 
Our Gravesend minibus hire is often availed for airport transfers, visiting London city, visiting the nearby racecourses, attending concerts, for stag do and hen do nites out, for visiting the nearby pristine beaches of Kent, and for several other purposes.