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Gravesend – Coach Tours 

Gravesend is an ancient coastal town in Kent, on the south bank of the Thames, and just 21 miles from Charing Cross, London.  
There are several attractions in and around Gravesend. The St. George Church is one of the oldest in town, and also an important landmark in the town centre. The town boasts of several quaint landmarks, offering good photo ops. The Clock Tower at Harmer Street, and the Pocahontas Statue in St George’s churchyard, are two such attractions. 
Milton Chantry is another old chapel, now housing the Chantry Heritage Centre, which showcases a range of interesting exhibits relating to the city. The Gravesend old town hall is a fully restored elegant Gregorian mansion, in the town’s Heritage Quarter. It functions as a popular event and wedding venue today.  
The Thurrock Museum is the best place to view a fascinating range of locally discovered artefacts. The Essex Fire Museum offers deep insight into the history of fire-fighting services, in the region. The museum also offers different activities for children. 
The Gravesend Town Pier is the world’s oldest standing cast iron pier, dating back to 1834. The pier today houses a bar and a restaurant, making it a good hangout place. The Royal Terrace Pier is almost as old, built in 1844, and is functional to-date.  
Coalhouse Fort, an old Victorian coastal defence fort, is today surrounded by lush wildlife, and has an adventure play area. New Tavern Fort, a well preserved artillery fort, and is part of the Riverside Leisure Area. Tilbury Fort has several attractions, chief of which are the magazine houses used to stock gunpowder, and the bastion magazine passages. 
Windmill Hill, with its old mill is a popular hangout spot, and offers lovely views across the Thames. The Beacon Wood Country Park abounds in wildlife, such as sparrow hawks, green woodpeckers, squirrels, and dragonflies.  
There are several activity based attractions in Gravesend as well. Cyclopark is an open air, multi-sport centre, offering skating rinks, children’s play area, cycling tracks, and other extreme sports. Cascades is a swimming pool, with flume slides and wave machine. Grays Beach Riverside Park, with its popular play area, offer a treasure trove of activities, competitions and other events. The nearby Pirate Cove Adventure Park, with its two 18-hole mini golf courses, is the best adventure golf centre in Europe. 
The main roads out of Gravesend are the A226 to Rochester, and the A227 road to Tonbridge. The A2 road also passes near the town. The town is linked to London through high speed train services, with central London just 17 minutes away. 
The good rail and road links notwithstanding, it still takes reliable transportation for coach tours in Gravesend. The main attractions are located at some distances, and a dedicated coach can help you cover all the sights fast, besides ensure your group can travel together, and in comfort. 
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Gravesend comes under the Dartford postcode area, where post codes start with DA. The Gravesend town areas come under DA11 and DA12 postcode districts. We operate round the clock, from all these places.