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Minibus Hire in Gravesend 

Situated 35 kilometres outside of London, the ancient town of Gravesend has enjoyed a rich and diverse history which carries over to the present day. It was particularly involved in maritime affairs for many years although recent times have seen the emergence of communications and a strong retail presence. There are many reasons why one would wish to utilise our efficient minibus hire service to visit this town. Whether you must arrive here for business purposes or a group of friends is looking to enjoy a weekend out and about, we are always here to help. What does Gravesend have in store and why are we so very different from other transportation agencies? 
Attractions Galore 
The oldest surviving cast iron pier in the world is found in Gravesend. It draws a significant amount of attention and provides excellent views of the River Thames. Shorne Woods County Park is located only a short distance away and is an optimal choice for an excursion during the spring or summer months. A local cinema affectionately referred to as The Woodville is a perfect opportunity for families to spend quality time together while watching the latest films. Anyone with energetic teenagers will be pleased to learn that the massive outdoor Cyclopark is an ideal location for those who enjoy skateboarding or bicycling. In addition, there are no less than 17 bars and clubs within Gravesend. Each offers its own unique ambiance and is an excellent way to spend a night out on the town. Our Gravesend minibus hire will provide transportation to these and many other unique destinations. 
Gravesend Events 
There never seems to be a dull moment within Gravesend. For example, the Free Carnival Family Fun Day is taking place on 20 February at The Woodville. This is an event for both the young and the old alike. The annual Gravesend Pancake Race is being held on 10 March at the local rail station. Visitors should always make it a point to take part in this rather quirky event. There are also a plethora of musical events held within this town. The cover band Rumours of Fleetwood Mac is making an appearance at the Orchard Theatre on 12 March while the amazing talents of guitarist Justin Hayward can be viewed on 14 September at Central Theatre. The best way to arrive at these and countless other venues is through the use of our efficient minibus hire in Gravesend.  
More Than Transportation Alone 
We always prefer not to define ourselves as merely a minibus hire company. On the contrary, the professional services that are offered will go above and beyond even the most stellar of expectations. We believe that our minibus hire services should be combined with a personal attention to every detail imaginable. If you are arriving here with friends, family or business colleagues, you will always arrive at your destination on time. We are also fully capable of informing our riders about local events, the best destinations to visit and any upcoming celebrations.  
Modern Options 
We provide a choice of vehicles and these will depend upon your unique needs. Our Gravesend minibus hire can be expanded to employ other options such as Volvos, Mercedes 16 seaters and Ford Transits. These are all based around the desires of our customers, and their priorities are always our primary concern. If you are planning a trip to historic Gravesend, please contact us and we will be pleased to address any additional questions.