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Festival Coach Hire

Gravesend Festival Coach Hire  

Gravesend is one of the oldest buildings you will ever visit while in North West England. Its geographical position plays an important role as a maritime and communications lifeline to South East England. Today Gravesend is a highly advanced and sophisticated metropolis but it still finds time to woo tourists with its attractions.  
There is no town like Gravesend where ancient appeals and colourful annual festivities come to you in one package. We as Gravesend Minibus hire will give you a taste of both with one of our festival coach hire buses. It could be a Mercedes 16 seater or a Ford Transit; the choice is yours, and in case you need a driver behind the wheels, let us knows. 
Things to Do in Gravesend  
The Gravesend Clock Tower 
Notably an iconic landmark and a symbol of the town itself, the Gravesend Clock Tower is located on Harmer Street. It was constructed in the late 18th century as a dedication to Queen Victoria celebrating her 50th year as queen of England. Besides the rich history behind it, the Gravesend Clock Tower is an epitome of grandeur medieval architecture that was popular in the 18th century.  
Statue of Pocahontas 
Remember the Native American fairytale princess Pocahontas? She managed to have her portrait sculptured by the talented early 19th century artist William Ordway Partridge. This is actually a replica of the original statue which was first released in Jamestown, Virginia; the hometown to Pocahontas. When Queen Elizabeth II visited Jamestown, she marvelled at the sculpture and went again in 2007 to view it. Perhaps it is these events that inspired Partridge to create the replica.  
Windmill Hill  
This is raised land that was formerly lined with windmills and today provides the best views overlooking the landscape of Gravesend and River Thames. In the Victorian Era, it became a favourite tour area as visitors came to view the first Camera Obscura installed in one of the retired mills; this led to the invention of cameras for photography. Around late 13th century, the Hill was fitted with a beacon commissioned by King Richard II for nautical guidance, especially during the Spanish Armada.  
Events in Gravesend  
We are FSTVL, Damyns Hall Aerodome, Gravesend (29th May 2016) 
Chilled in a Field Festival, The Hop Farm, Gravesend (29th July 2016) 
A-Trap Festival, Elite Venue, Gravesend (29th-31st July 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Whether it’s several Volvos or a single Mercedes luxury coach, we got you covered whenever you visit Gravesend. Our minibus hire in Gravesend packages are affordable and convenient especially if you are holidaying with family or friends.