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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

Gravesend – Double Decker 72 Seater Coach 

A double decker 72 seater coach is very useful in transferring large groups in one go. We offer the best double decker coaches, from reputed manufacturers, such as Volvo and Iveco. These coaches come with all material comforts, such as the latest audio and video systems, push back seats with arm rests, air conditioning, and more. 
The large coaches, which are art of our Gravesend minibus hire service, are frequently availed by many corporate houses, and event managers, to transfer delegates attending conferences, and other business meetings. Schools and colleges also avail such coaches for excursion of their students. Many large tour groups, such as those descending from cruise ships, constitute another big chunk of our patrons. The facilities inside the 72 seater coach hire, such as GPS, and public address system allow group leaders and organisers to remain in even more control of the group.  
As a rule of thumb, larger the group being transferred, the lesser the per head costs. This is because there is only a marginal increase in fuel, driver, and other costs in large vehicles, whereas when the trips are made in many small vehicles, the costs are duplicated. Added to this fact is our extremely low rates, resultant from our low overheads and low margins. 
Our minibus hire in Gravesend also offers your group the services of a skilled driver, who is experienced and capable of navigating these large coaches skillfully. Not all minibus hire providers have competent drivers at their disposal, and this can make a crucial difference in how the trip eventually pans out. 
With our Gravesend minibus hire, you are guaranteed the best deals. Get in touch with our customer support team, and reserve your coach today.